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My name's Marion, I'm French and I'm a professional vocalist. Music has always had a huge place in my life but it's only a few years ago that I decided it would become my job. Before that, I was a French teacher for foreigners living in France.


On the Internet, I'm better known as Mioune. I started my YouTube adventure in 2007 and I've been uploading covers on this platform ever since. I mostly cover songs coming from video games and Japanimation OST. I really love the "soundtrack" universe, it's absolutely fascinating to me!


I'm a Mezzo-Soprano by nature (A3 up to A5), but I've been able to extend this natural range over the years. Today, I can sing from F3 up to C6. My voice has a natural ethereal tone so I would say that my "specialty" is falsetto singing, but I really like belting and singing opera pieces too. I also LOVE creating backing vocals/harmonies... To me, this part is as important as the lead part in a song.


I honestly didn't receive any real music education and for example, I cannot read music sheets fluently. My ears are then a lot to me, but I still followed vocal lessons for a year (in 2002). It helped me learn basic techniques. Otherwise, I'm basically self-taught!


I have quite a few stage experiences. When I was a teenager and until my early 20s, I was the lead singer in a band playing for weddings. I also had the opportunity to be invited to perform in several French video game conventions.

Concerning original projects, I already had the opportunity and the honour to record for a few video games ("Shiness, The Lightning Kingdom", "Edge Of Eternity" and "Temtem" being the most famous ones). Contact me if you'd like me to be part of your project! :)


Despite only speaking French and English, I have a huge interest in languages in general. I can currently sing in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Korean & Mandarin Chinese  is in WIP! I'll certainly add more languages to this list in the future (German...)


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