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My name's Marion, I'm French and I'm a professional vocalist. Music has always had a huge place in my life but it's only a few years ago that I decided it would become my job. Before that, I was a French teacher for foreigners living in France.


On the Internet, I'm better known as Mioune. I started my YouTube adventure in 2007 and I've been uploading covers on this platform ever since. I mostly cover songs coming from video games and Japanimation OST. I really love the "soundtrack" universe, it's absolutely fascinating to me!


I'm a Mezzo-Soprano by nature (A3 up to A5), but I've been able to extend this natural range over the years. Today, I can sing from F3 up to C6. My voice has a natural ethereal tone so I would say that my "specialty" is falsetto singing, but I really like belting and singing opera pieces too. I also LOVE creating backing vocals/harmonies... To me, this part is as important as the lead part in a song.


I honestly didn't receive any real music education and for example, I cannot read music sheets fluently. My ears are then a lot to me, but I still followed vocal lessons for a year (in 2002). It helped me learn basic techniques. Otherwise, I'm basically self-taught!


I have quite a few stage experiences. When I was a teenager and until my early 20s, I was the lead singer in a band playing for weddings. I also had the opportunity to be invited to perform in several French video game conventions.

Concerning original projects, I already had the opportunity and the honour to record for a few indie video games ("Shiness, The Lightning Kingdom", "Edge Of Eternity" and "Horns Of Fear" being the most known ones). Contact me if you'd like me to be part of your project! :)


Despite only speaking French and English, I have a huge interest in languages in general. I can currently sing in French, English (British/American accents), Spanish (European/Latin American accents), Italian, Latin (Classical/Ecclesiastical accents), Japanese, Korean & Mandarin Chinese (WIP)! I'll certainly add more languages to this list in the future (currently working on German).


Photo by GeckoEssence